•Children and Youth Ministry•


Children's ministry is led by qualified nursery workers and teachers. They meet on a weekly basis to learn positive values and social skills relevant for everyday life.

Children are encouraged to express both negative and positive aspects of their lives and this is shared in various ways such as poetry and role-play.

They are also encouraged to become an active participant of the wider community/congregation by participating in its programmes.This helps to identify their gifts and talents building confidence and self-esteem.


This is the provision of various activities on a weekly basis. These include: - social leisure activities e.g. movie night, bowling, outings - teaching seminars which incorporates discussing issues commonly affecting young people: like drug abuse, gang crime, peer pressure, teenage pregnancy, sexual health and bullying.

Young people are given the opportunity to be creative and expressive by organising and delivering youth events. Here they utilise their skills and talents in an environment of acceptance and encouragement thus building confidence, leadership and teamwork.

These events delivered are relevant to the everyday lives of young people allowing them to assimilate and reflect on planned lessons learnt during the year.


'Equipping Today’s Children
To Become Tomorrow’s Leaders'


: Young Men and Young Women with a Purpose
O: Outstanding ‘Over-commers’
U: Understanding & Unity
T: Teachability, developing Talent conducive for ‘Team-work’
H: Harmony and Hope


S: Safe-guarding, Supporting 
A: Acceptance and Assisting
V: Venerating Visionaries with a Voice
E: Embracing, Enhancing, Empowering and Equipping
D: Discipling and Developing dynamism

B: Building a base of belonging
Y: Yielding Outstanding Young People

G: Guiding and Guarding Gifted Young People
R: Raising Young People to Realize their Relevance
A: Accomplishing and Articulating their Action-plan
C: Creating Christlike Character
E: Establishing Exemplary, Effective, Efficient Enterprising Young Men and Young Women.

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